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Manchester United Premier  VIEW : 688    
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Manchester United Premier League Round 28 Start the game Manchester City meet Manchester United at home. Manchester City reigns supreme And is the favorite team to win the title. However, Manchester City do not lose a consistent streak.

Losing points at both Southampton and Tottenham, on the other hand, Liverpool went forward. and win the game like crazy Make the gap between Manchester City and Liverpool keep narrowing Manchester City's top position is unsafe. Manchester City need to keep winning. to maintain the advantage this time

Manchester City vs Manchester United Although Manchester City's statistics in the league are much better than those of Manchester United. but Manchester City It's a slight disadvantage from the last 8 games between the two teams. During the Solskjaer era, Manchester United's counter-attack led to a series of defeats for Pep Guardiola.

When both sides meet in the first round of this season Manchester City defeated Manchester United perfectly. and was completely victorious. Now they are competing again. Manchester City playing at home Another big win and have played double play

In this game Guardiola made 433 forms, Ederson was Kyle's starting goalkeeper. Walker, Stones, Laporte and Jovao Cancelou are the back four de Breyne, Rodrigo Hernandez and Bernardo. Silva is the partner of Riyadh's trident attacking midfielder. Mahrez, Foden and Jack Grealish join forces Sterling, Jesus, Gundogan And Zinchenko was on the bench with Ruben, Geass and Ake injured.

Manchester City's start was very smooth, with De Bruyne breaking the goal held by De Gea in the fifth minute, although Manchester United. Doorless will rely on Sancho's door. To equalize the score, however, De Bruyne soon scored again.

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Manchester United's backline was full of holes, with Man City leading 2-1 at halftime. Manchester City had 60% possession in the first half, 10 shots on target, five shots and two goals. Manchester United only managed five in the first half and scored one goal in the second half when changing sides.

And the game is dominated by Manchester City. To defend against Manchester City, Manchester United's players are exhausted and unable to make any threats. Against Manchester City at the end of the attack Mahrez was the star of the second half. Scored two goals that completely destroyed United.

Manchester United was totally devastated. Manchester United scored even 0 in the second half. This was the first time since two meetings in 2017, such an embarrassing situation. Rangnick set a humiliating record for 5 years, finishing 4-1 with Manchester City defeating Manchester United. Such a loss is a disgrace for Manchester United.

In this game, Manchester City scored 24 crazy shots, 10 shots on target and four goals. Although De Gea made six saves, he was blown away by De Gea with seven points, the team's top scorer. Manchester United How bad is the performance of other players? Brunu's work Fernandez is very bad. I almost didn't feel that I existed. I couldn't shoot it. I didn't steal it. and did not intercept His work was disastrous. Score a goal as low as 5.8 points

On the first day of the second round of the Champions League 1/8 Finals Liverpool play Inter Milan at home. and Bayern play against Red Bull Salzburg at home The last two quarters of the seats are about to be determined, side 1 behind 0-2, will Inter Milan turn around?

Inter Milan lost 2-0 to Liverpool in the first round, can they turn around at Anfield? There is only one successful case in the history of the Champions League. That was Manchester United's 3-to-1 turnaround for Paris in the 2018 to 2019 season. Can Inter Milan successfully replicate it?

Side 2 34 All promotions Liverpool won't fall Liverpool has the advantage and as long as they can win the first leg They will qualify for 34 European games, never going back, in the 2000 to 2001 season and the 2004 to 2005 season, with two home losses in the second round. But they went through the game smoothly in the end.

Third side Liverpool streak double kill 13 games sit at Anfield Liverpool's goal is to beat Inter Milan twice, they have won 12 games in a row in all competitions. They are in very good condition. And they haven't lost at home this season. This gave Klopp's team a lot of confidence.

Highlights 4 Salah PK Lautaro The focus of this match is Salah and Lautaro. Salah has scored 27 goals in all competitions from his last 33 hot games. Lautaro scored a hat-trick in Serie A. ya Serie A final and finally able to score I wonder if this game will continue or not.

Bayern vs Red Bull Salzburg 5th side away goal rule canceled In the first round, both teams were tied 1 to 1, Bayern tied and scored away goals. However, the away goals rule has been canceled this season and 0-0 in the second round cannot. Can be directly promoted, Nanda Wang has no advantage, must score

Corner 6 Complete Home Victory Bayern are not afraid of the Austrian League team. Historically, Bayern have played five home games against the Austrian side and have all won, including a 3-1 victory over Red Bull Salzburg in the 2020 to 2021 group stage, so they therefore having advantages both mentally and physically

On the seventh side, Nandawang has gaps. Liverpool can make history or not. However, Bayern are not without gaps in the defensive line. They have only made two clean sheets in their last nine games in all competitions. while Liverpool have scored 50 goals in 22 league games this season. As long as they can shoot The opportunity to be upset will come. If they can win It will be the first time in Liverpool's history to advance to the quarter-finals.Winner of the UEFA Champions League

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